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I am a PhD Student in Egyptology and an MS Student in Applied Math. I'm currently working on encoding the Demotic script in order to apply computational methods to the study of Demotic texts.


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Brown Grad School

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Curriculum Vitae

Summer Course

Workbook for An Introduction to Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Unpublished manuscript, Brown University, 2018



Assassin's Creed Origins as a Digital and Pedagogical Tool. Presentation transcript, Brown University, 2018

Anti-Intellectualism in Shenoute's Life. Unpublished manuscript, Brown University, 2016

A Review of Mrs. Tsenhor. Unpublished manuscript, Brown University, 2016

π“…π“π“­π“€œπ“€€ or π“…ˆπ“π“­π“€œπ“€€ (Djehutynakht or Nemtynakht). Unpublished manuscript, Brown University, 2014

The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor. Unpublished manuscript, The University of Texas, 2008


Assassin's Creed Origins as a Digital and Pedagogical Tool. ARCE Annual Meeting, Tuscon, 2018

Digital Demotic: Opportunities and Challenges. AOS Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, 2017

New Frontiers in Language Research. ASOR Annual Meeting, San Antonio, 2016

Egyptian Language in the 21st Century or Computational Philology. Egyptology Grad Student Conference, Providence, 2016

[Project Name Here] - An encoding and typeface for Demotic. Round Table Discussion, Berkeley, 2016

Puns in the Pyramid Texts. ARCE Annual Meeting, Portland, 2014 Video (Part 1) (Part 2)

Reconstructing Coptic Vowels. ARCE Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, 2013


Digital Demonic ARCE Annual Meeting. Kansas City, MO, 2017

Encoding Demotic Birmingham Egyptology Symposium. Birmingham, UK, 2017

The Verb jnj ARCE Annual Meeting. Atlanta, 2016

Resources for Students and Other Downloadable Content

Unicode Keyboards for OS X

(Installation instructions)

Egyptian Hieroglyphic

Egyptian Transliteration


Unicode Keyboard for PC

Egyptian Hieroglyphic

Anki Flashcard Decks

Intro to Late Egyptian - Summer 2018

Egyptian Hieroglyphic (via AnkiWeb)

Layton's Coptic in 20 Lessons

Bohairic Coptic

Demotic from Thus Wrote Onchsheshonqy

Demotic from Erichsen's Setne

Caplice's Akkadian (via AnkiWeb)


Maya Syllabary


Lambdin Coptic Composition Practice

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